Why am I here?

Good question. Because, a seven-year-old kid who was sick and bored decided after reading her Richard Scary dictionary that becoming a writer was a good idea. She took out a pencil and a yellow-lined notepad and wrote about rabbits. Her mother “oohed” and “aahed” over it and the girl was sure that becoming an author was a destiny written in the stars. So, fast forward a few decades, she gets sick again. One of those life-threatening illnesses that makes one question whether there’s any one thing in life left to accomplish and ponder the age-old theme “Why am I here?” And so a writer is reborn and a novel springs forth. It’s called Win By Defeat, at least at the moment. And this is the story of how it began.


Author: Liz Johnson, author of Win by Defeat

I'm the other writer named Liz who lives in Frenchtown, NJ, currently working on a novel about winning with integrity that also questions the humanity of a mental health system that asks us to wait until someone we love who is suffering is either violent or a harm to themselves before intervening.

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