A New Beginning

A blog should be whatever you need it to be, no matter how many times you have to start over.


New beginningI seem to change my blog as many times as I change clothes. While this one has been live for over a year, I need it to do something different for me – get me through creative inertia. I’ve just read a great book called Do the Work: Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way by Steven Pressfield. It inspired me to stop fighting myself over how to make this blog ingenious and just write about what’s keeping me from writing. Stop making it flowery and just Do The Work! So today’s the start. To boot, I’ve written about 600 words, reworking a chapter that needed to be cut drastically. Hidden, though, deep in the narrative were entrance ways to dialogue that will move the plot along and keep the story from being stalled. So I celebrate a new beginning, because I love beginnings. It’s the middle that drags me down. Wish me luck!

Study: Depression and Agitation Cocktail for Suicide

According to WebMD, a new study suggests that people who are both agitated  and depressed are at higher risk to commit suicide.

Like most studies, it makes a correlation but no causal link that brings us any further to solving the problem or keeping someone with those characteristics from killing themselves.

From my own personal experience, my sister exhibited both those characteristics before she took her life. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop her.

Similarly, the brother of my main character in Win By Defeat exhibits the same signs before he shoots himself, leaving Magna with more questions than answers.

Perhaps if those researchers were to do a biochemical analysis, showing us precisely what’s going on inside, and then offer a way to break the chain or loop thinking, we could get somewhere.

It’s like offering us a siren but no ambulance at a crash scene.






Doping Top of Mind for New IAAF Chief

The International Association of Athletics Foundation named a new chief this week, Sebastian Coe, British track and field star and former Olympic athlete.
Coe swears he’ll tackle the doping problem pervasive in the sport.
Last week, another 28 athletes were ban from the sport for doping allegations that went back to 2006 and 2007. Most of them have retired, so the ban has no impact on upcoming events.

We define winners as the first to cross the finish line, but these days we seem to confuse winners with those willing to cross the line first.

And what’s left in their dust? Often, the ones who played fair and square, the true winners who are left in obscurity.

We’ll see how this plays out in the 2016 Olympics in Rio with Coe at the helm.

Funny, in my youth I was more interested in following the rule breakers. Now, it’s those who win by following the rules that have captured my heart – and my pen. Those who are willing to win by defeat if necessary.

Their characters are more solid, more durable, and more fun to write about and until now, their story has remained unwritten.